August 31, 2011

EVENT - WWC - "Cornmeal For Breakfast" - September

Hello Friends,
Here is another Event that I am guest hosting for the month of September. This event was started by "Lite Bite" as "Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking" theme. I am very thankful to her for letting me guest host this event and I am choosing WWC- "Cornmeal For Breakfast" for this months event.

Cornmeal is flour ground from dried maize or corn. It is a common staple food, and is ground to fine, medium, and coarse consistencies. 
You can use any kind or cornmeal, white yellow or blue or multicolored and it can be any recipe for breakfast. I choose cornmeal for breakfast as I thought that cornmeal is a very healthy and heavy ingredient, which one needs to eat during his fist meal of the day that will keep him fresh and energetic all through out the day.
We all should eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast and never skip one, as the first meal of the day will keep you bright and with loads of energy all through the day.

You can use any logo you want...

Now the Event Rules:
1. Bloggers and Non-Bloggers can participate in this event.
2. Non-bloggers can send me email recipe and picture to anu (DOT) healthykitchen (AT) gmail (DOT) com.
3. Post your recipe on your blog during the event schedule dates.
4. Old/ archived entries which are re-posted during this event schedule are allowed.
5. Link back your recipes new and archived to this announcement page and to original anouncement page - "Lite Bite"
5. Only Vegetarian recipes, eggs are ok.
6. No deep fried recipes please.
7. Use of logo is mandatory.
8. Please send in your recipes to anu (DOT) healthykitchen (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

For more information on the event rules go to the original announce page of "Lite Bite".

Hope to see lot of entries!!.........:)


  1. Woww... wonderful theme.. happy hosting Anu :)
    Indian Cuisine

  2. Nice one Anu. Happy hosting.


  3. hi anuz- grains are healthy. corn is a great choice too.
    looking forward to view and read these recipes soon. have a nice day

  4. Happy hosting...send you a mail..let me know if you got the logo.

  5. Happy hosting...nice theme

    New Event - HLI-DATES

  6. Anu does the corn used have to be in powder form?
    or can regular corn be used?
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  7. Dear Archana....

    The event is about corn meal I think if you make a coarse paste or so is fine....


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Thanks for writing your valuable comments and words of appreciation for making me cook better with new and healthy ingredients. I am glad to share these recipes from my kitchen to yours.
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