October 21, 2011

Herbs and Flowers - "PARSLEY" - Event October 20th to November 15th

This is another event which I am guest hosting for this month starting from 20th Oct to Nov 15th. This event was started by PJ of "Seduce Your Tastebuds" and this month I am really happy to host this event. PJ has a beautiful space with lots of wonderful recipes.

I chose "Parsley" as this months "Herb and Flower" because it is considered as a herb which is very flavorful and colorful. There are two varieties of the parsley, one being the "Flat Leaf" and the other being the "Curly Leaf". Flat leaf parsley has bit stronger flavor than curly leaf parsley. Even the root of parsley is used in cooking which is similar to parsnip.
Flat leaf parsley is widely used in stocks, soups, and sauces, as a garnish, etc., and curly leaf parsley is used in  salads etc.,

Nutritional Information:
  •  Apigenin, a chemical found in great quantities in parsley, has been  found to have potent anti-cancer activity. It works by inhibiting the formation of new blood vessels that feed a tumor.
  • It is commonly believed that when chewed, parsley can freshen breath, especially from eating garlic. However, some people regard this as a myth; it is no more effective than chewing any other substance.
  • Parsley is a source of phytochemicals such as carotenoids, which are known to extend various biological effects.
  • The methanolic extract of parsley is antimicrobial.
  • Parsley seed extract can reduce blood pressure (hypertensive), possibly due to its diuretic effects.
Now that you know well about the use of parsley......why wait lets cook up some delicious food and send to my event!!

Now the Event Rules:
  1. Cook and blog about a Vegan or Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian dish which features Parsley. If the fresh herb is not available it can be used in the dry form also.
  2. Though this series is based on the culinary uses, you can also share the following -growing parsley or tips on freezing or storing them ,non culinary uses that have been tried and tested by you like cosmetic uses, home remedies, crafts etc. You can also write about some interesting facts on Parsley.
  3. Please add this announcement link, and link to PJ’s announcement page  - to your post
  4. Adding the logo to your post will help spread the word.
  5. Send in as many entries as you wish. Archives entries are also accepted but do make a link to the post with both the announcements.
  6. Non bloggers are also welcome to participate
  7. The last date for the entries is November 15th 2011.
  8. Drop a mail to
With these details
  • Your name and name of your blog
  • Recipe and URL
  • Picture of your dish.[Please re-size your images]
Am really excited to see lot of recipe from many .....

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  1. Thanks for hosting Anu.Have fun :)

  2. Hey Anu, I'm glad u're back into action! Will chk out my recipes & try to join in the fun this time :)

  3. hi anu. just drop by to wish you a very happy diwali. happy cooking all those special foodies for your fiesta

  4. nice event....shared with our event list..

  5. Hi,Sent my entry,hope you recieved it...


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