March 21, 2013

"Healthy Recipe Substitution" - HRS EVENT "WINNER"

Hello Friends,

I was happy for the participants and also happy to announce the WINNER....and that is "Nitha's Kitchen" for her beautiful looking and fat free "Strawberry Palkova". "Congratulations!!" :):)
 (Nitha, please contact me withing 5 days, else will have to choose a different participant).
and the surprise gift is a book "Food Substitutions Bible".

Below is the actual event announcement.

Hello Friends,

This is ONE event that I wanted to host from such a long time, and was just delaying it as I thought I was running out of ideas of how to put it together differently.
Well, now that it's holiday season and everyone is baking so much starting from cakes, cookies, pies, veg and non-veg recipes, drinks, soups etc., I thought this event will be a good choice.
Let me explain about the event, anyone can participate in the event and prepare any recipe, but from your recipe ingredients you have to choose one or more ingredients and choose a substitute ingredient/s from the list I have provided HERE and prepare the recipe.

So here I am with the event rules.....

* The rules are very simple, you have to choose, ONE or MORE ingredient/s to substitute in the recipe that you are preparing and that ingredient should be a healthy alternative, make sure you pick the number from this list HERE.
* Please make sure you MENTION and HIGHLIGHT the ingredients that you are substituting in your recipe and if possible please add few words about the substituted ingredient.
* Use of EVENT LOGO is MANDATORY, to spead the word.
* Any number of recipes are welcome, which includes, veg- non-veg, baked etc., but make sure you link your recipe to MY EVENT PAGE.
* When submitting archieved recipes, you need to re-post the recipes with event logo and link to my event announcement page.
* Event START DATE is DECEMER 20th, and END DATE is FEBRUARY 20th (2 months).
* Please link all your recipes using the Linky tool at the end of the event page, if you have any problem in linking to this event, please send in ur recipes to anu (dot) healthykitchen (at) gmail (dot) com.
* One more important thing is that, you can let me know any other substitutions that you have tried, and I will be happy to add it to my list. (Please leave a comment for the same).

Now lets go to the rules for SURPRISE GIVEAWAY.....

* Follow me here.
* Like my FB page - Anu's Healthy Kitchen
* If you are picking more than one ingredient as a substitute, you get that many points for the draw.
* After you do so, please leave a comment here and do not forget to mention how many ingredients are being substituted.
* You get one more point, if you let me know about a new recipe substitution which will be added to the list.
* At the end of the event, I will do a random draw and choose one winner, who will be eligible for this giveaway.

Wish you all a very good luck and hope to see lot many healthy and yummy recipes!!


  1. Hi Anu, how have you been doing. very interesting theme...always encouraging cooking healthy and wise choice of healthy ingredients too. all the best. you sure will get lots of healthy recipes and that is great. have a nice day

  2. Interesting event..loved to participate..cookies are so lovely
    Happy to follow u:-)...

  3. Nice event dear, will try to participate :) Happy hosting!!

  4. Good event anu...Thanks for hosting...Have linked my recipe. Toasted Malai koftha curry(the koftha's are not deep fried, they were toasted in drops of oil - its like using only 1 table spoon of oil in the place of 1 cup)...Thanks!

  5. Hi anu...thanks for hosting this good event. i am happy to link my recipe Toasted Malai Koftha curry ( In this recipe koftha's are not fried deeply rather they are toasted in drops of oil - its like using 1 tablespoon of oil in the place of 1 cup oil)....Thanks for the platform to share...

  6. Hi anu - have linked the event logo...thank u

  7. Hi Anu...Nice event...linked up my entry

  8. Awesome event, Anu! Just posted a healthy fruity salad, but the ingredients don't seem to fit. Too bad :< Happy Belated Valentine's Day to u, dear!

  9. Good event dear, will try to send my entries soon :)

  10. Vegan food recipes Bananas can be used to add natural sweetness and a creamy texture to smoothies ,especially green ones. You can also use them to add moisture and fluffiness to raw breads and pancakes.

  11. wow I am speechless thanks for choosing my recipe, will collect the gift soon:-)


Dear Friends,
Thanks for writing your valuable comments and words of appreciation for making me cook better with new and healthy ingredients. I am glad to share these recipes from my kitchen to yours.
Please don't leave any Links to any other sites, I will have to delete it. Thanks for understanding.



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