July 25, 2013

"HOW TO's ? of Kitchen # 1" Event and Share Page and a Recipe (Homemade PANEER N Paneer Celery Burji)

Hello Friends,

This is one of the event I have been thinking about from so many months now, and would definitely appreciate my fellow bloggers help. This would be a nice share page that I would like to create for everyone to showcase their innovative ideas and simple tricks to make things easier in kitchen which will reduce time and gives satisfaction.

Ok, let me explain more about the event. I am creating a page/tab and name it as "How To's? of Kitchen" which would help me and other friends/bloggers. In this page I will have all "How To's" of kitchen possible. For an example making paneer (Cottage Cheese) at home etc., and if possible a recipe attached to the post.
Each participant's trick and followed by their recipe will be posted in my blog and their photo and recipe link will (which will navigate to the original blogger's page) be posted on my page/tab for future reference to all.

This is also a NEVER ENDING EVENT running all year, and hopefully years to go..... :)

I would like to invite all friends and fellow bloggers to participate, so that I will be able to choose one of the bloggers to give a "How to" trick and a recipe which makes use of the trick used in the post.

Lets go to the rules of this event:
* Email me at about the "How To?" trick from your Kitchen and the recipe you would like to post it with using your trick. Please keep the subject line as "HOW TO's? of Kitchen".
* The "HOW TO's?" can be anything from a kitchen tip, making something from scratch, a baking tip or substitute etc., but make sure it has a recipe, with the tip/trick used.

Please email me at anu (dot) healthykitchen (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment here.....

Well, to get started with the Event I am posting a very common "HOW TO's? of my Kitchen".....

"HOW TO's of Kitchen" - Homemade PANEER

1. In a heavy bottom sauce pot add milk and heat it on a medium flame.
2. Just before it boils, you will see some bubbles on the sides of the sauce pot, reduce the flame to low.

3. Add the vinegar and stir it once or twice and off the flame.

4. You will see the whey and the milk will start curdling.

5. Now let it come to room temperature for about 10-20 mins, make sure u don't stir too much, else the whey and the curdles milk will start mixing together.

6. Now line a vessel with cheese cloth or any thin cotton cloth, pour the whey and the curdled milk and strain the liquid (whey) out.

7. Now slightly squeeze excess liquid, and tie it on top, so that the excess liquid will drip.
8. After  20-30 mins or so...if you want hard paneer, wait another 30 mins.

9. Now place a plate upside down, flatten the paneer sack a bit and then place the paneer sack on top of the place and place another heavy bottom pan or pot on the sack so that it will remove the excess water and make the paneer hard. Again wait for 30-60 mins.

10. Now remove the cheese cloth carefully and cut the paneer into cubes and use in any recipe.

11. You can store this paneer cubes either in freezer about 1-2 months or in the fridge for about 3-4 days or maximum for a week.

Now lets get to the transformation of the ingredient into a complete recipe....So I made "Paneer Celery Burji"

Paneer Celery Burji

Honestly I should say that I never saw or heard about the usage of the combo of ingredients that I am using in this recipe, so I am proud of this recipe. I know it's very simple recipe, but very flavorful and very nice way to incorporate celery. I bet to the people who do not like celery, will definitely love this recipe.

1. In a sauce pan add oil, when it's hot add the fennel seeds, when they start giving out the aroma, add celery, onion, green chilies, ginger and saute it until translucent and make sure that the celery is cooked.

2. It might take about 6-7 mins.

3. Now add the tomatoes, salt and cook it until add the water from the tomato is used.

4. Now add the crumbled paneer, stir gently so that it is well coated with all the veggies and spices.

5. Now off the flame and garnish with cilantro.

6. This can be served with chapati, roti, or as a filling in dosa or served as a side dish.

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  1. Well done, Anu! Great initiative & that's another wonderful event. Hope I can find time to join in the part :)

  2. Such a true comfort food is the burji.. Love it any time.. Nice event by the way :) Will try & participate..

  3. What a lovely clicks. Delicious Paneer recipe is so tempting in those beautiful cutlery bowls.

  4. such a scrumptious bowl of bhurji, can have it anytime of the day,all year round,looks irresistible

  5. Brilliant idea for an event.. all these tips can be helpful to all of us.
    Will try to send my entry soon.

  6. I love your new series of "How To-s in the kitchen". I'm sure many of us an find it useful and helpful. Your paneer sounds amazing and very easy to make. Your pictures tutorial makes the steps very clear.

  7. Love the step by step pics of paneer making. And that burji looks so yummy

  8. Great idea! I am sure it will benefit all of us. I hope I will find time to participate. All the best in your endeavor.

  9. I am not only impressed but also thankful for paneer celery burji. I know mix vegetable but this is a unique combination and tempting to taste it. I like such crazy best easy indian food recipes to prepare at home and serve to friends and family.

  10. Hi anu

    Lovely clicks. Will definitely try to participate

  11. Very good clicks Anu, drastic change in your pictures :) Good going, keep it up !!


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